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Purefect Balance

1-1 Sessions: Live Your Legacy

1-1 Sessions: Live Your Legacy

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Live Your Legacy

-Get Access to Expertise
-Create Lasting Change in Your Life, Family, & Career
-Gain Clarity and Direction
-Start Living Your Legacy


Introducing 1-1 sessions with Heather Taylor, a visionary producer, entrepreneur, and trusted advisor. Heather is the founder and CEO of Purefect Balance “The 5 Elements of You” and has been helping individuals, families, and companies identify their legacy and create sustainable success for years.

Heather's natural ability to provide direct paths to success is unrivaled -regardless of the situation or people involved (she’s fully psychic). She has established herself as an expert in fields such as family and relationships, business ownership, herbalism, and medical intuition. As a testament to her successes she is effectively able to lead groups of up to 400 people with remarkable results. 

Now you can have access to Heather's expertise through 1-1 sessions that last one hour each. These highly valuable professional services ensure that clients get the most out of their time while benefiting from her comprehensive approach. Through her guidance you can understand yourself more deeply, step into your legacy, and create to the lifestyle you value.

Instructions: In order to get the most out of your 1-1 sessions with Heather it is important that you stay accountable to yourself and open to the possibilities that could come from investing in your growth. It is also essential that you put in the required effort for ongoing progress; Heather gives lots of homework ;).

This is for a 1 hour session with Heather Taylor. Choose from session packages and book specific dates here.

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