About Us

We are a passionate organization that specializes in being ourselves and assisting you in doing the same. We're here to transform the world by being the best versions of ourselves and sharing with you how we do that.

  • heather and ben with Chef

    Business Transformation

    Heather & Ben working with La Chevre d'Or, a 2 star Michelin resturant in Eze, France.

  • Family Transformation

    Heather & Ben working with a family in Gibraltar.

  • heather with musician in huntington beach

    Personal Transformation

    Heather working with performing musician in Orange County, CA.

  • heather serious

    Heather Taylor

    She is the founder and CEO of Purefect Balance Meta-Pharma. Heather started the company after healing herself from paralysis and getting out of a wheelchair. She tied together multiple forms of medicine, self care, and experiences to address the 5 Elements of You to put you on your path in a gentle, healthy, and happy way.

    Heather is driven by a mission shared by many: to see people thrive. One of her specialties is the ability to choose and advise others to see the direct path to success, independent of the situation or people involved. This direct path approach assists her in holding simultaneous roles: mother, business owner, spiritual consultant, family therapist, and recently a film producer for the upcoming docuseries Quest of the Crystal Skull.

  • ben smiling

    Ben D'Amico

    He is the COO of Purefect Balance Meta-Pharma. He joined the company after leaving Crystal Tones (Crystal Singing Bowls) where he worked for nine years helping the company be what it is today. Rising through the ranks to Operation's Manager, Ben assisted Crystal Tones in generating more than $10MM in revenue annually, a twentyfold increase. In addition to growing the company's revenue, Ben lead the development of a proprietary ERP system automating manufacturing, accounting, and retail operations. The software greatly reduced manufacturing time, enabled timely financial statements, and increased accuracy with automated product labeling and RFID. Responsible for teams as large as 35 people, Ben has experience in human resources, product development & sourcing, trademark management, corporate acquisitions and more. Ben's balance between his business, tech, and spiritual sides has allowed him to become a respected leader and business operator. His role now focuses on assisting Heather & team to structure and scale Purefect Balance Meta-Pharma.


Purefect Balance Meta-Pharma’s Return/Refund Policy

We offer exchanges and/or in store credit only; this is subject to prior written approval by the company. We don’t refund but we do care and prioritize our customers satisfaction. Contact us if you ever have concerns with our products or services.