Cruise 🚢

Hidden Secrets Revealed, A 7-Day Cruise with Heather Taylor

Interested in an unforgettable week of exploration and new experiences? Heather announced that she will be teaching on an upcoming cruise from April 7-14th.

This cruise is like no other. Spend seven days with Heather Taylor, Ruben Langdon, Elizabeth Araujo and many others as they explore the hidden secrets of life. You’ll be amazed at what you discover as we journey together on this magical adventure. Meet new people, immerse yourself in learning and savor every moment of your experience!

Learn from experts in their field who will provide unique insights about life and spirituality. Enjoy hearing directly from Heather about: The 5 Elements of You: A Model of Self and Reality, Mental Exercises, & An Approach to Life itself — for a more happy, healthy, wealthy, inspired You. Book a live session with Heather that brings an even deeper level of understanding to what you can do with these secrets that will be unveiled during our time together!

Sign up now for a chance to join us on this amazing adventure full of possibilities - don't wait a second longer, lecture seats and live sessions are limited! See you aboard the ship soon; click here or scroll down to find out more information now!