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Listen to Heather Taylor on Awakening Code Radio

Opening up paths of consciousness, Michelle Anderson and Erick Rankin of Awakening Code Radio are hosting an unforgettable episode with special guest Heather Taylor - a transformative leader who is determined to create a better world. Together they explore the Hidden Secrets Revealed Cruise, the Spiritually-Inspiring, upcoming Documentary Series "Quest of the Crystal Skull", Cliftonite Acoustics, Psychedelics and Spirituality, and Soul Seed Café in Gibraltar with Heather Taylor and her companies Purefect Balance & Get Taylored!. What a MouthFull! Join in for a delightful yet informative experience as these groundbreaking minds uncover ways to tap into higher levels of consciousness. So put on your listening ears and join us on this episode of Awakening Code Radio! Read more below…

Heather, Michelle, and Erick in the studio at Awakening Code Radio

Michelle, Erick, and Heather in Studio at Awakening Code Radio

What is Get Taylored!?

Form fit Yourself to Your Soul. Get Taylored!, the live video show, gives you a lens into the world of Heather Taylor and her work. It is also an opportunity for you, your family/partner, or your company to Get Taylored! live on the show AND for you to Tailor her-- to share your expertise and see how you can both grow and allow others to witness and grow too. Heather’s ability to see into your world, show you yourself, and assist you in flow-fully navigating situations allows her to advise leaders of all demographics: parents, children, entrepreneurs, teachers, & politicians. Sound like a lot? -this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this psychic mother of 5. Heather has resilience, wisdom, and an outlook on life like few others. Get Taylored! debuts Summer 2023. Sign up below to get updated as it progresses or to be considered to Get Taylored! on the show.

Heather’s Back Story & Book Release

Heather's incredible story of resilience and strength is one that needs to be heard. From her childhood, to recovering from paralysis, being homeless, her first wellness center — Heather has remained a solid pillar in the face of adversity. In addition to these challenges she has also had three near-death experiences that greatly enhanced her psychic abilities. Her captivating book “And So I Wait….” comes out soon. Check it out here. These traits translate to her work with various professionals such as musicians and surgeons; using core structures of consciousness within people so they can reach their fullest potential and ultimately experience joy on all levels. 

“Quest of the Crystal Skull” a Spiritually-Inspiring, Upcoming Documentary Series

When Heather and Michelle first crossed paths at the Integratron, they felt an electric aura between them before even getting out of their cars. Heather along with Reuben and Ben were there scouting out a film set for “Quest Of The Crystal Skull” - an upcoming documentary series that exhibits a modern man’s spiritual journey. Unraveling centuries-old secrets is no small task but these three are up for any challenge to bring this untold story home... Mysterious energies are abound when it comes to this can learn more about the film in the Awakening Code Radio episode with Bill Homann and the skull here, or read what filmmakers Reuben & Steve are up to over at


· Rough Cut “awaken Your Soul”

Cliftonite Acoustics 

The raw creativity and soulful devotion of Clifton, the writer and performer for burgeoning music outfit Cliftonite Acoustics, took over the show when his first cut of "Awaken Your Soul" was debuted live. The song is a beautiful blend of Appalachian style with no pre-planning or writing involved - just channeled creativity from within! As he continues to hone his craft with Heather's guidance he works towards producing inspiring and emotionally resonant pieces that leave imprints on listeners long after they stop listening. @cliftonite_acoustics 


Lee and Steph Owners of Soul Seed Café

Soul Seed Café, Gibraltar 

Heather recently embarked on a European adventure with Ben to open Soul Seed Café, the newest luxury herbal products destination in Gibraltar (opened last Halloween, 2022). Nestled in the heart of Gibraltar on Parliament Lane, this charming Café offers personalized customer experiences and high-quality herbal products made in Mount Shasta. It’s owned by Lee and Stephanie Abudarham who decided to open a store featuring exclusively her products. Nearby are views of the stunning rocky cliffs that make up The Rock of Gibraltar - home to Europe's only wild population of monkeys! If you’re in the area or venturing overseas be sure to drop by or get in contact:


Machu Picchu, Peru

Psychedelics and Spirituality

There is a right hand path and left hand path when it comes to spiritual growth. The right hand path involves doing the work without using plant medicine, while the left hand path includes ceremonies such as ayahuasca retreats.Many people have found success in practicing both paths. Heather understands that healing one's spirit can take many forms, and she is passionate about helping her clients find the right path for their own journey. On the show, Erick noted research involving psilocybin and how it has brought new hope to those seeking spiritual growth through alternative means, caution must still be exercised when engaging in activities utilizing psychedelics - especially if done without professional guidance (always consult your doctor, this is not medical advice). With a neutral outlook towards both pharmaceuticals and plant medicines alike, Heather works together with her clients to discover the system best suited for them. She has experience working with people on all paths. Have questions? We’re here.

Our Gratitude

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about Heather Taylor and what she's up to! From a 7-day cruise, a new book, and an online course to her newest partner in Europe - Soul Seed Café - she’s got a lot going on. If you're looking for an unforgettable experience with growth and exploration, consider joining Heather on the luxury cruise in April or visiting our shop for high quality herbal products made in Mount Shasta. Don't wait any longer! Seats are limited and your potential is waiting to be discovered. We hope to see you soon! Until then, keep thriving and stay inspired! -GT!N Team

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