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Are There Really Extraterrestrials Among Us? Find Out with Reuben Langdon!




Do you believe that there is life beyond our planet? Many people believe that answer is yes, and Reuben Langdon is one of them. He is the creator and host of the show Interview with E.D. (Extra-Dimensionals) on Gaia TV, and he is on a mission to find out everything he can about these beings. He takes an objective look at the evidence, interviewing experts in various fields to get their insights. This April, you can join him on the cruise with Heather where he will be teaching about the Hidden Secrets Revealed by extra-dimensional beings!

Interview With E.D.

Get ready—a special episode with Heather is coming soon, and Season 3 has already started! Have you ever wondered if life as we know it is just a simulation? Are we living a holographic adventure created by higher intelligence? In his groundbreaking docu-series, Reuben Langdon interviews the beings behind the curtain - alien or extradimensional contacts. With each episode, you get to know a contactee from an entirely new perspective and gain otherworldly insight into our human existence. Hear firsthand accounts of forgotten truths and discover answers to questions humans have been pondering for centuries! Accessible and eye-opening, this series allows you to dive headfirst into the unknown - explore the depths of space and enrich your understanding like never before.

Open the Door To A New Reality

You can become part of an extraordinary community and join Reuben Langdon on his mission to uncover the answers to our deepest questions. Discover life changing information with exclusive access to live Q&As, channeling sessions, guided meditations, and breathwork sessions - all designed to help you navigate this powerful shift in consciousness we are all in. Enjoy 50% off access to season 1 and 2 of Interview With E.D. episodes on Vimeo, as well as bonus content, weekly updates, a private forum for personal support - and much more! Discover the mysteries of life today - join Reuben’s Community now!


Community Spotlights:

InBalance Soul: Bringing Natural Healing, Peace and Support to the Community 

inbalance soul ceo, bath salt, skin cream

InBalance Soul, a new business offering herbal products and services for natural healing, is now open. Founded by Heather's Client Julie Gruenhagen, mom of three and business owner who was hungry to learn and help those in need of additional support, InBalance Soul began formulating body and room mists as well as body butters in 2018. 

After years of treatment for chronic Lyme Disease, Julie Gruenhagen began her journey in natural and holistic wellness. Through her experiences with various remedies, she found a passion for helping others find natural relief and rejuvenation. Purefect Balance and Heather Taylor have been working with Julie for over a decade to reach these goals and are excited for this new launch!  

Julie’s small batch formulations and handmade products guarantee the highest quality and consistency in InBalance Soul’s product line. In addition to the bath salts, creams and other herbal products, InBalance Soul is also starting to offer a variety of wellness services: aromatherapy treatments, energy healing sessions, yoga classes, meditation circles and more.

So, if you’re looking for a natural way to improve your health and wellbeing, or just want some peace and support in your life, visit InBalance Soul’s website today! You can also contact Julie directly to arrange a remote session or in person appointment in San Clemente, CA.

Revival Beauty + Wellness: Finding Balance Through Self-Care and Hair Care

adrianna in action

Adrianna Farina, a hair therapist and founder of Revival Beauty + Wellness based in Fairfield, CA, is passionate about helping her clients achieve their ideal look while also providing them with an energetically healing experience. Mentored by Heather Taylor she has been able to create a unique approach to hair that is truly therapeutic and not just a routine haircut. Through her own journey she discovered the lack of safe spaces to explore one’s inner self. This inspired her to create Revival Beauty + Wellness. Her mission is to provide classic hairstyling services with a magical twist that leave each client feeling energetically lighter and mentally, emotionally revived. She is experienced in formulating custom topical treatments that promote scalp health and stimulate hair growth.

Adrianna Farina has been in the industry for over a decade and specializes in creative color techniques such as balayage and grey coverage, as well as corrective color. Adrianna is also co-owner of a hair salon in Lafayette, CA, where she is expanding her offerings to the greater Vacaville area. In addition, she is studying herbalism as it relates to hair therapy, beauty, and overall wellness. 

Are you ready to transform your look and wellbeing? Visit Revival Beauty's website today or visit her store in Fairfield, CA to book an appointment for a transformational haircut or hair therapy! Watch her Instagram for what's next and experience the healing power of beauty today and start your journey towards an inner and outer transformation.

What is Get Taylored!?

Form fit Yourself to Your Soul. Get Taylored!, the live video show, gives you a lens into the world of Heather Taylor and her work. It is also an opportunity for you, your family/partner, or your company to Get Taylored! live on the show AND for you to Tailor her-- to share your expertise and see how you can both grow and allow others to witness and grow too. Heather’s ability to see into your world, show you yourself, and assist you in flow-fully navigating situations allows her to advise leaders of all demographics: parents, children, entrepreneurs, teachers, & politicians. Sound like a lot? -this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this psychic mother of 5. Heather has resilience, wisdom, and an outlook on life like few others. Get Taylored! debuts Summer 2023. Sign up below to get updated as it progresses or to be considered to Get Taylored! on the show.

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