Collection: Cold, Flu, Congestion Relief

Cold, Flu, Congestion Relief Series

CFC – a series of products specifically designed to help you fight the symptoms of cold, flu, and congestion. The CFC spray contains a unique blend of traditional herbs with medicinal properties that can quickly absorb in your mucus membranes for fast relief. The skin cream is designed to rejuvenate your skin while providing relief from cold, flu and congestion symptoms. Enjoy a cup of special CFC Tea to benefit from its natural restorative powers. Its subtle aroma and flavor will help revitalize your breath as it helps alleviate any unpleasant symptoms related to colds or flu. We also offer incense that clear the lungs and cleanse the room as well as rollers which can be used on various points below the chin, throat, chest and/or back for maximum effectivity. CFC is made with natural ingredients like Lavender, Mullein, Marshmallow Root Spearmint Peppermint Ginger Lemongrass Violet Leaf Helichrysum so you can use them with confidence. Get back on track with CFC today!