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This month - we have something for everyone, starting with Reuben Langdon, “The Most Famous Actor You've Never Seen” –DAILYMAIL and his look into spirituality with his show Interview With E.D. Season 3 on Gaia TV. Check out the VIDEO below.

  • Interview With E.D. Reuben Langdon

    Are There Really Extraterrestrials Among Us? Find Out with Reuben Langdon!

    Do you believe that there is life beyond our planet? Reuben Langdon is the creator and host of the show Interview with E.D. (Extra-Dimensionals) on Gaia TV..

  • in studio at awakening code radio

    Read or Listen - Heather on Awakening Code Radio

    Opening up paths of consciousness, Michelle Anderson and Erick Rankin of Awakening Code Radio are hosting an unforgettable episode with special guest Heather Taylor...


“And So I Wait….” a Sneak Peak into Heather’s Book